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woman's world cup since 1999. abby wambach tied the game at two. the wuss went on to win. -- the u.s. went on to win. their coach weighed in on the victory against brazil. >> great theater. i thought -- i know a lot more people are going to tune into the next game because of that game. that's what those games are about. they're memorable games. hopefully they can get through this next one. i think they will. and then have the big championship. it's great soccer. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it's wednesday morning. it's jewel 13 -- it's july 13, 2001. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. i'm sarah simmons. before we get to weather, we have breaking news we've been
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following all morning long. some good news. the beltway is back open now. >> it had been shut down in the tysons corner area after power lines were knocked down across the highway. stacey cohan at the scene with the very latest. some good news. >> reporter: it's nice to have good news to report upon, especially involving traffic which we don't have often or in this area. as you can see behind me some cars are able to move through this part of the beltway. it was just within the last ten minutes that it reopened. we do have video from earlier this morning what was causing the problem. around 1:30 a.m. a contractor that was working on construction out here in the tysons corner area encountered some power lines that were strung across the roadway. those lines came down blocking all lanes of traffic. the beltway was shut down between route 7 and 66 in both directions. but once again that has now been reopened. i will say that dominion power is on the scene. about 174 customers remain without power. they'll be restored within the next hour as well. they're not going to come back and do any permanent repairs
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today, but instead postpone permanent repairs for a day in the future. what they did right now is a temporary fix just to get this roadway reopened. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan. back to you. >> thank you. obviously been quite a mess out there on the roadways this morning. let's see how things are shaping up around the region checking in with julie wright right now. >> reporter: it would be nice to know exactly which overpass stacey is on. we are concerned about some of the ramps. as stacey just mentioned the betway has been reopened as you travel between 66 and route 7. for a while we had the ramps from route 7 as well as a portion of the dulles toll road and 66, the ramps were closed off as well. we're anxious to see if they were able to reopen those as well as the beltdway as we can see from the live shot traffic flowing freely in each direction. for a while traffic off 66 could only exit on the outer loop. we are concerned with the ramp. we want to make sure they're getting those reopened as well. traffic on 66 not so bad right
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now coming out of vienna headed towards the beltway. you'll find lanes are open if you are continuing your trip on the beltway continuing toward the springfield interchange. the big concern was traveling north of 66 in the tysons corner area. on the other side of town lanes open. no problems to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. let's check in with tucker for the forecast. did we hit records yesterday? >> came close. 97 at reagan national. not good for a record. plenty hot for most of us. today a little cooler and then much better tomorrow. >> like you said, spring, fall like it's going to feel like. >> when you take out the humidity, tomorrow will be a lot better. right now we're still dealing with a lot of heat and a lot of humidity. hope your air conditioner is working well in your house or your car. >> it is. i made sure of that. >> my air conditioning is windows. i roll them down. here's your satellite and radar. we've got fairly quiet conditions. up towards cleveland, the rain showers, that's the cooler,
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drier air that will get in here later today. we have one of those days where we could see afternoon thunderstorms. behind the front you'll notice the cooldown later tonight. temperatures will fall back into the 60s and the humidity will start to fall as well. this will be that day of transition that we've all been waiting for for the last couple of days. 83 right now at reagan national. dulles 73. bwi marshal 79. i don't need to tell you we're not typically 83 degrees at 5:00 in the morning. you get the idea here. we're not quite done with the heat yet. we'll have afternoon highs back in the 90s. plenty of sunshine. there are your afternoon thunderstorms, at least the possibility with winds out of the north and west at 5 to 10. >> 60s overnight. >> wait till you see we have some 50s. >> thanks so very much. one of the big stories that we're following this morning opening arguments begin today in the trial of roger clemens. the baseball legend accused of lying to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. the jury of ten women and to men will decide his fate. his lawyers are expected to
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begin by questioning whether the investigation was a proper legislative inquiry. in the district opening arguments set for today in the murder case of a pizzeria owner. he was found stabbed and beatenned to death in august 2009. his body then set on fire. police say leon robinson and his sister committed the crime along with another man. investigators say he was linked to an immigration scam in which he agreed to pay the sister $500 a week to marry his brother. after the wedding, he allegedly did not follow through with the deal. the man charged with starting three fires in the district faces a preliminary hearing today. one of those fires injured five firefighters back in april. police say the man is also suspected in several other arson cases in the district and maryland. his original court date was postponed after a judge ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. a big shake-up in the leadership of the d.c. council.
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council chairman kwame brown has reassigned committee chair appointments. he stripped tommy wells of his chairmanship on the all important public works and transportation committee. wells will now be in charge of the parks and recreation committee. the move raised suspicions that wells was being punished for the investigation into brown's lease of luxury lincoln navigators. in the budget talks at the white house, no deal as of yet but negotiators will meet again this afternoon despite the war of words that is heating up over this. president barack obama says he cannot guarantee social security checks will go out if there is no deal. and republican leaders are increasing their criticism of the. house speaker john boehner says the debt increase is the president's problem and senator mitch mcconnell wants to let the president hike the debt ceiling all on his own. the loan nationals representative tyler clifford ended up getting a win at the all-star game. congratulations to tyler. he faced one batter in the 4th,
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down 1-0. adrian beltre got a hit off of him. print fielder hit the game- winning home run. heartbreaking revelation for one woman visiting her mom's grave. up next it turns out the grave she's been visiting for 20 years wasn't her mother. there's more to this story. that's coming up next. stay with us. it's 5:07. 
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. making headlines, congress is holding a hear drag on airport security. -- hearing today on airport security. it's been nearly ten years since the 9/11 attacks. u.s. airport are still not as secure as they need to be. more than 14,000 people have accessed sensitive areas and about 6,000 have made it past tsa screeners. the hearing on capitol hill starts at 9:30. a u.s. government panel is calling for changes at our nuclear plants. the nuclear task force calls japan's nuclear disaster unacceptable and says nuclear plants in the u.s. need better protection against rare catastrophic events. recommendations including redefining the level of protection at the 104 nuclear power plants in the u.s.
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a grave mixup at a cemetery has a new jersey woman up in arms. evelyn edwards has been visiting her mother's grave for some 20 years. well, she found out the plot is actually somewhere else. despite the fact they has an official deed for that spot. the cemetery sent her a letter saying her mother's grave was elsewhere but the woman is not convinced that the new grave location is correct. her tone has now filed a $25 million lawsuit. >> the effort and care that was needed to care for someone's loved ones wasn't provided. >> the woman wants the cemetery to find her mother's body so that she can move it to a different area. a debate in our area that has some teenagers worried. how late that at the be allowed to stay out up next. in georgia there were no teen curfews and you could stay out with your friends all night long and just have fun. >> let's clarify that. you did not stay out till 5:00
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in the morning. >> not 5:00 in the morning. >> that's what they're talking about. >> the debate, the discussion continues obviously. a curfew could be coming. we'll have the details coming up next. tony, good morning. >> 5:00 in the morning. all right, also coming up in just a few moments, we've got the latest on your steamy forecast. that's not as steamy as yesterday. julie wright is going to tell you what for some of you is going to be a very tough ride into work. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it's 5:12.  empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set?
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5:15 on this wednesday. we're taking a live look over the washington, d.c. area. you can see the washington monument there to the left. you can see it right now but what you can't see is the heat that is building out there this morning. that is for sure. definitely pretty warm when we came in today. >> it's warm. it's in the 80s. that's just not right.
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overnight hours still in the 80s. it was 84 degrees not long ago. 83 degrees right now. just a yucky start to the day in many ways. >> going to get hotter. >> yeah. but not as hot as yesterday. so actually good news. let's jump right in. we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures. no records, not at ray dan national, not at the area airports. we were just shy by a couple of degrees. reagan national got up to 97 degrees. you'll remember we were forecasting 99. but it didn't get there. 96 degrees at dulles for your high yesterday. bwi marshal made it up to 93 degrees. and we're going to be shy of those temperatures again today. we'll be in the 90s but not quite as warm. take a look at your current temperatures. this is crazy. 82 degrees right now in washington. 82 in annapolis. quantico is at 75 degrees. baltimore 77 degrees. dulles is at 78. fredricksburg is at 73 at this hour. let's take a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. a couple of clouds out there
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this morning. but it's dry. it's humid but it's dry. no precipitation this morning. can't rule out some showers and thunderstorms developing later on. you know the routine. there's a frontal boundary, a cold front well out to the north and west that gradually sinks southward and moves through here maybe late today during the evening hours as well. that will bring some relief for the rest of the week. not so much for today. and that's part of what could trigger some showers and thunderstorms. so forecast for washington for today looks like this. mostly sunny, still hot. scattered afternoon thunderstorms. look for a high of around 93 degrees today. then for tonight we will see maybe an early thunderstorm or two during the evening hours. clearing, cooler overnight. should drop back into the 60s. upper 60s we believe for your overnight lows in town. five-day forecast after today, we've got improving conditions. tomorrow cooler, 86 degrees. that's actually a couple of degrees below normal. less humid as well. friday looks good. saturday looks good. right now sunday looks good.
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and don't we deserve this. thank you. maybe we'll get some nice are, comfortable weather in here for the weekend. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now here's julie wright with more on this morning's crazy traffic. >> i know. coming in out of tysons this morning, even the dulles toll road, all of that was affected because we had wires down across the roadway as a result of a construction incident which occurred overnight. we're happy to say all lanes are open on the beltdway as you travel between 66 and route 7. basically between arlington and your exits at tysons corner. all lanes have been reopened on the beltway. that's good news at the beginning of our rush hour. also the ramps from 66 headed inbound to the capital beltway, the ramps to exit on 495 have been reopened. the ramps from the toll road also reopened at this time. so it's all systems go as you travel in from the west to merge on to 495 and head both north and southbound this morning. other side of town not so busy. 2730 in great -- 270 in great shape. light traffic volume on the
5:19 am
beltway. that's a check of your fax 5 on- time traffic -- fox 5 on-time traffic. big cameras are coming to building but -- coming to prince george's county but you might be able to get a say on where they go. the county council held a public hearing last night on where to put the cameras designed to catch speeders in the act. right now the county has a list of possible locations. it's posted on their website. you can find a link to that on under web links. the latest census data shows that americans are getting older and having fewer kids. children now make up less of the u.s. population than ever before. even with the boost from immigrant families. it's a drop from 26% in 1990. it's projected to get even worse slipping to 23% by 2050. just as the percent of people over 65 is expected to jump from 13% to 20% in 2050. a curfew could be coming to montgomery county. the council introduced legislation for a curfew that
5:20 am
would require people 18 and under to be off the streets at a certain time and punish the parents if they're not. wisdom martin has reaction from teens and parents. >> reporter: when it comes to movies, eating, or just hanging out, in montgomery county teens can be out as late as they want. but the county council wants to change that under a new curfew proposal, people 18 and under would have to be off the streets between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. sunday through thursday and 12bg a.m. to -- 12bg a.m. to 5 ago on saturday and sunday. >> we should at least have the right to be out at late at 18. >> where i come from which is
5:21 am
georgia, there were no teen curfews. you could just stay out with your friends all night long and just have fun. >> let's clarify that. did you not stay out till 5:00 in the morning. >> not 5:00 in the morning. >> well, that's what they're talking about. >> reporter: the punishment if the teen gets caught? parents would be forced to attend parenting classes. >> i think parents should be responsible. i think it's good parenting when you know where your kids are, especially during that hour. most kids if they're under age should be at home anyway. >> it's a terrible idea. any parent that has a kid, it's their responsibility to make sure they're inside at that hour. that's disturbing. you have to put a law in place? come on. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: county executive ike leggett says it's to reduce silence and crimes involving minors. >> as for a parent getting in trouble, they should be in trouble. >> reporter: the county leaders will let taxpayers officially weigh in at a public hearing
5:22 am
july 26 before they decide if the curfew will become law. reporting in montgomery county, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. prince george's county and d.c. have similar curfews in place for minors. so the workers arrive at your home to do a repair job. there's just one problem. that's next. the people would live in this house came home to discover that someone had been up working on their roof. the only problem is they never called a roofer. i'm beth parker. what happens now coming up.
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take a look outside at 5:25 on a wednesday morning, july 13. thanks for being with us this morning. imagine you're at work. a contractor that you never hired is doing work at your house. that's what happened to one couple in virginia. >> it appears the contractor went to the wong address and just -- wrong address and started swinging hammers. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: from down below it looks ordinary. but when josh hooshangi makes it up on the roof. >> there's two openings right here where it looks like it was nailed in originally and then renailed in. >> reporter: aspen is the third party that sharon moore called for help after she had a very strange experience at her reston home june 30. >> i was at work and a got a phone call from my dog walker and my neighbor and then
5:26 am
another neighbor telling me that there are people on my roof doing roofing work. i said but i didn't contract for anybody. >> reporter: that's right. someone was tearing the shingles off her roof. >> i was mad because people had been on my property and they had been doing things to my house that i didn't ask them to do. i just was really upset. >> reporter: by the time she made it home, the workers were no longer on her property but her yard was full of debris. turned out her next door neighborhood had wired them. >> i had to walk over there. nobody approached me. >> reporter: moore said she asked one of the workers what happened. >> he said oh, a mistake. we fixed it. >> reporter: the moores' had their roof inspected just this past april. they were told there was a little evidence of some minor hail damage but otherwise the roof was just fine. >> the warranty on my roof is now voided and i had some years left on it. if there's damage to the roof now, my insurance won't cover it because it's mechanical. it's not an act of god. there's something now wrong with my roof. >> reporter: an attorney says while the moores did nothing wrong, it's a reminder for all
5:27 am
of us. >> the reason you have a licensed and bonded and insured contractor is for this very reason is if there's ever a problem, you have recourse. you have a pocket that you can go after to fix it. >> reporter: the moores snapped this photo with a worker on the roof with a blower. air from the blower broke the seal on the shingles. >> if i try to press it down to get it to seal, it won't. >> reporter: the moores say just having a roof over their heads isn't very reassuring. in reston, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the person who anted apologized and -- and apologized and agreed to a one- year warranty on the roof. remember the case of lorraine that bobbitt? she cut off her husband's sensitive area. it happened again. >> not lorraine that -- not
5:28 am
lorena. now another woman stands accused. weather and traffic still rough on the roadways. we'll check in with julie wright coming up in just a bit. stay with us. 
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. it is 5:30 right now on this wednesday morning as we take a look outside. getting light out this morning already. it's certainly plenty warm out there already. a little carryover from the 97 or so that we saw yesterday.
5:31 am
>> one more day of the heat. >> in the 9 on the again today. then well -- 90s again today. then we'll be in the 80s. we'll focus on the positive. tomorrow is thursday. thursday, friday, saturday look good. so that's very, very nice. and today will be better than yesterday i can tell you that much. take a look at your current temperatures. we are getting off to a warm start. got to tell you that. 82 degrees right now here in the district. 78 in dulles. 77 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station 79 degrees. winchester, virginia 77. and in ocean city, it is 79 degrees. here's a look at the satellite and radar composite. we've got, you know, skies aren't too bad. you saw a live shot out there. going to have some haze again. there's some cloud cover but it's going to be another day where we start out with clouds and get hazy sunshine later on during the course of the day today. so your forecast looks like this. becomele mostly sunny skies. some scattered afternoon thunderstorms are possible here and there. we're looking for a high of 93
5:32 am
degrees. once again that's above normal but not as warm as yesterday's 97. there you go. more details on the forecast coming up shortly. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright. she has the latest. >> reporter: now things are back to normal so to speak. now we can all take a little sigh of relief and breathe. we were talking early this morning about an incident over in the tysons area which had the beltway shut down in each direction. it's open now for at least the last half an hour as you travel in each direction on the beltway between 66 and route 7. better news for you there. it's like nothing happened at all. we have everything open. even the ramps to exit on to 495. all the ramps have been reopened. 66 is looking good right now. no incidents to report out of manassas. 7 is quiet coming in from drainsville. no problems on the toll rod all the way in towards 495. better news for commuters traveling over in the tysons area and coming in from the west. no incidents to report on northbound i-95. the pace here pretty much good leaving the prince william
5:33 am
parkway headed across the occoquan. no problems to report in montgomery county between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. other big stories today, opening arguments began in the trial of roger clems men's. he's accused of lying to congress during a hearing in 2008 when he denied using perform many enhancing drugs. it took four days to pick the almost all female jury. clemens lawyers are expected to begin their defense by questioning the investigation into whether he used peds was proper. a suspected serial arsonist is due in court today. he's charged with starting three fires in the district. one of those injured five firefighters if april. he was arrested last week after he was caught allegedly setting fire to a vacant home in northeast washington. police say he is also under investigation for several other arson cases in the district and in maryland. nearly two years after the
5:34 am
murder after pizzeria owner in northwest, two of his suspected killers will face a jury. opening arguments set today for leon robinson and his sister that neeka robinson, both charged with beating and stabbing the man to death in august 2009. inv robinson was upset about an immigration scam the man was allegedly behind. police are on the hunt for a group of teenagers who beat a man to death over the weekend. police say 50-year-old raymond stewart and another man tried to break up a fight when they were attacked by about a dozen young men. stewart was allegedly hit with a 2.4 and a metal pole -- 2.4 and a metal pole and later died. d.c.'s government will not be in the business of selling guns. council member phil mendelson has withdrawn a bill that would allow the government to temp earl act as a gun dealer -- temporarily act as a gun dealer. three residents sued claiming a
5:35 am
violation of their second amount rights because they had no legal way to buy a gun. the mayor's office is trying to find a new location for the legal gun dealer's business. d.c. council approved a major shake-up of its committee assignments in a vote of 12-1 stripping council member tommy wells of his transportation committee chairmanship. council chair kwame brown says he doesn't have a problem with the job wells has done but the move has many focusing back on those two fully loaded suvs ordered for brown at taxpayer cost. >> not factual or true. as a matter of fact, i have a tremendous amount of respect for congressman wells. we're good friends. he's done phenomenal work. >> mary shay will take over the position. still no agreement in sight even after more talks at the white house last night. now the top senate republican is suggesting a plan to give
5:36 am
the president authority to simply decide to raise the credit limit on his own. mitch mcconnell says he wants to give the president sweeping power to automatically increase the nation's debt limit. that would avoid any default next month and go into effect now unless congress specifically votes to stop it. the president is not rejecting the idea. the nats lone rip tyler clipford played last night. prince fielder hit the game- winning three-run homer to win the mvp award. the national league tops the american league 5-1. remember itself case of lorena bobbitt who caught off her husband's sensitive area. it has happened again. >> although it's not lorena. this time another woman stands accused. let's check the market. wall street dropping once
5:37 am
again. moody's downgraded -- [ inaudible ] the nikkei overseas in positive territory up 37 points after china posted strong growth figures. it's now 5:37 on this wednesday morning. 
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5:40 am
ron paul will not seek another term in august. instead he'll focus on running for president. he said he will serve out his term. he says he has been criticized in the past for running for congress while seeking a bit to the white house. a shocking crime in california. this is one story you probably don't want the kids hearing about. if they're in the room, you want to make sure to get them out of the room. a woman is under arrest accused of doing the unthinkable to her husband. >> police say the pair is in the process of a divorce but she still managed to drug him, cut off his penis and throw it in the garbage disposal. >> reporter: california police say katherine becker made her estranged husband a nice dinner laced with something extra. when he regained consciousness, she was cutting off his private part. >> when the officers went in there, they found the husband
5:41 am
tied to the bed and bleeding profusely from the groin area. the officers immediately called for paramedics, untied the victim from the bed. the wife at that time made the spontaneous statement that he deserved it. >> reporter: with that statement 48-year-old becker implicated herself in the crime. her 51-year-old husband was rushed to emergency surgery. >> when they looked at his groin area, they saw that his penis had been cut off by presumably the wife. >> reporter: his penis was dispoised of like trash. becker allegedly put the man's member in the garbage disposal. >> i'm just shocked it happened here. >> she wasn't like nice just by looking at her you could tell. >> reporter: this case brings back memories of the infamous 1993 case of lorena bobbitt. bobbitt claims she cut off her husband john wayne bobbitt's penis and threw his organ into a field after years of sexual abuse. she was acquitted by reason of
5:42 am
insanity. katherine becker is being held on $1 million bail. she's expected in a california courtroom today. in new york, aimsly earhart, fox news. groupon and expedia teaming up. that could mean great travel deals for you. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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welcome back. now 5:45 on this wednesday taking a live look outside right now as we tan ramp. you can see -- pan around. sun coming up. going to be another scorcher out there. lots of water. we check in with tony perkins. >> take all the precautions we've been telling you all summer. light colored clothing, lightweight, all that kind of stuff. >> you'd think we'd be used to it by now. >> hopefully we are. let me show you weather headlines because there is some good news. there's some good news a coming. >> you say there's good news? >> yes, i do. >> first, a heat break. yes, a heat break is coming. not so much today but very soon. a front is going to move through later today. it's a cold front and once it does, it could trigger some showers and thunderstorms. we're talking in the afternoon and evening. then by thursday, tomorrow,
5:46 am
comfortable and i believe it's going to be nice right through the weekend. how about that? not bad at all. current temperatures around the region, we're getting off to a warm start. 82 degrees in washington. that's actually down if an hour and a half ago when it was 84 degrees. 82 in annapolis. 72 in leonardtown. 70 in gaithersburg. 78 dulles. win chester 73. let's check out that satellite radar composite and show you what's going on out there. we have partly cloudy skies. not too bad a start to the day. there's some haze. we've actually seen it worse but some hazing conditions out there. there's your frontal boundary still aways away. it is bringing rain shower activity to northwest pennsylvania and once again in the midwest regions but that will make its way through here later on today and again as i said that could bring with it some showers and some storms. there's a better chance today. yesterday i think i was saying about a 20% cans. today about a 30% chance.
5:47 am
mostly sunny, still hot. scattered afternoon thunderstorms. 93 for your high. our average high is 88 for today. early thunderstorm possible tonight. clearing and cooler overnight. we should drop down into the 60s. five-day forecast it's a good one. check it out. tomorrow 86. now, 86 is warm, right? in the 80s but it's going to feel so much better after what we've had and the humidity is going to be lower. friday nice. these are lunch outside days, folks. saturday and sunday outdoor activities, go to the playground with your kids, whatever it is you like to do outside. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's find out what's happening with the traffic. we go to julie wright. >> reporter: was that an centers station? lunch outside? >> you know, let's do it. let's do it. we talk about it, let's do it. >> reporter: i know. >> friday? >> reporter: friday? i can do friday. on the roads lanes are open. no incidents reported. southbound 270 as you work your way to high yachtstown.
5:48 am
volume increasing here. no incidents to report. as you continue into germantown and making your way out towards rockville. i know you may have herd earlier this morning -- heard earlier this morning we had some problems in the area of tysons. all that activity has cleared between 66 and route 7. so the beltway is reopened in tysons. the ramps from the toll road 7 and 66 also reopened to exit on to 495. northbound i-95 no incidents to report. traffic slowing as you make your way across the occoquan but the pace is good on 395 beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. if you're looking for a big caffeine buzz, you are in luck as starbucks is now offering its giant size drinks if the d.c. region. that is 31 ounces of either iced coffee, iced tea, or lemonade. starbucks says it will have about 90 calories for unsweetened drinks, 230 calories for those with the
5:49 am
sugar. by the way, it is 7 ounces bigger than the next size down. they've done it in virginia. now they're going to do it in d.c. and maryland. big move by netflix might cost them customers. raising prices by as much as 60%. now splitting up the dvd and video streaming programs. users now have to subscribe and pay for each individual service. the cheapest plan if you want both the streaming and dvdes going to almost double your cost. now $16 a month. the biggest online travel company has teamed up with another company. groupon getaways began yesterday. we have a look at the site and the market behind daily travel deals. >> reporter: travel is making a comeback, especially in the business segment. but higher bookings for hotels and airlines can mean higher rates for vacationers. that's good timing for daily deal sites to get in on the market for discount travel says
5:50 am
the director of research for industry analyst focus rights. >> consumers are apprehensive. there's still a lot of demand. at the want to travel but they're not quite ready to fully untie those purse strings which really makes this -- these types of partnerships, these new types of deal offerings pretty interesting product right now. it could be very well timed for the partial place. >> reporter: groupon has partnered with expedia for groupon getaways. offers on its first day ranged from $79 for one night at vermont's the point resort to $500 for a $1,000 tahiti vacation voucher. living social has been doing its escapes deals since november. >> our first focus was in the near-cation space where you wanted a quick weekend in a box. >> reporter: the idea is to inspire travel, rather than having customers slug through hours of online research.
5:51 am
>> sometimes you need an editor. sometimes you want someone to come in and say here's a collection of 20 or 30 trips that are just fantastic that you should go try. >> reporter: the question is whether the limited time group deal model will work for trav. about 15% of general daily deal purchases go unused at a loss to the customer. >> make sure that you check the fine print around blackout dates or other requirements so that you make sure that the deal that you purchase, that you sign up for is going to work for your vacation. >> reporter: still, with discounts this deep, it's worth adding these sites to your travel wish list. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> living social doug miller says they try to make their deals good for six to 12 months and if a customer hasn't been able to work out a time to take advantage of the deal with the property, living social will refund the money. groupon offers a booking guarantee as well. do you have any out of control weeds that are growing in your backyard?
5:52 am
forget the weed whacker. how about a weed eater? >> as in goat. we're going to show you how they're being used in one local area when we return. it is now 5:52. 
5:53 am
5:54 am
good morning to our facebook fan ever the day. she says she's been trying for quite some time and today is her lucky day. congratulations. fud' like to be tomorrow -- if
5:55 am
you'd like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, go to -- go to our facebook page. they're a loot quieter than a wheat wacker and -- weed whacker and in some ways they do a better job. we're talking about goats. >> john henrehan spent a day with the four-legged eating mans. >> reporter: the 33 acres of woodland in gaithersburg, maryland owned by the conservation group the isaac walton league over the years has become overrun by invasive plant species. >> this is an invasive. it does very well in the shade but it also will climb trees. so when we catch it at this age, it's great. if we leave it alone, it will wind up trees and look like an anaconda. it will break trees down. >> reporter: administrators were considering asking hundreds of volunteers to assemble to clear one acre of invasive plants but brian knox of a company called eco goats had an alternative solution:
5:56 am
goat grazing. since early july 60 goats divided into two herds of 30 each have been munching their way through whatever plants they can reach. the goats are kept in areas where invasive plants have overrun the native species. eco goats uses an electrified fence system, 8,000 volts, slow amperage but i'm not touching it. the goats don't like it. they've learned. this allows them to use extremely lightweight fencing, put it up quickly and pen in the goats in the target area. the isaac waltton league so far is happy with the results. the goats munch right through the thorny plants and largely cleared this area in about three days. >> the stumps are going to be removed. we're going to have a direct herbicide application to remove the stumps. and in the fall we plan to
5:57 am
reforest this area with native species and try to return it back to native habitat. >> reporter: the city of gaithersburg is funding the pilot project of using goats to clear wooded areas to the tune of about $2,000 an acre. that's a lot cheaper than hand clearing. city officials are seriously considering using goat herds elsewhere. in gaithersburg, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> you never know, right? >> next stop my backyard. the probable next stop actually for the goat clearing operations is in gaithersburg at little cory park near the kentlands. straight ahead at 6:00 this morning, the latest on the deadline to raise the nation's debt limit. also encouraging news about consumers finance. that's coming up in our business feed. fox 5 morning news will be right back. t
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